Educational comics produced with the Japan Science and Technology Agency in 2020 were published in Japanese newspaper. The theme was internet bullying among young people.
To make students empathize with character’s feelings, we aimed for content that is more realistic and highly workable than conventional teaching materials.

The comics was made like a recent juvenile comic magazine or a youth comic magazine.  By not making a villain in the story, we tried to depict character’s mentality more delicately and realistically. As the result, each character’s feelings became easy to be understood. It was well received by the junior high school students and their parents, such as "I sympathized very much" and "I felt like I was".

2020 年度に科学技術振興機構と制作した漫画教材が各新聞社に掲載されました。若年層のインターネットいじめが題材で、中学生に共感してもらえるよう、従来の教材よりもよりリアルで押し付け感のない、作品性の高い内容を目指しました。