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I’m Rika Asakawa, illustratorand animator based in Tokyo, Japan. With a skillset in comical and cute styles,I have worked on various projects for audiences ranging from children to adults.My work includes animations, card games, comics, book illustrations, wallpaintings, and more. I have won multiple awards for cartoons from Japanesepublishers, and I’m also in the process of winning an award in the animationfield.
Recently, I’ve also been creatingcaricatures, which were published in 2019 by Courier International Online inFrance. I was selected as an AdobeCreative Residency Community Fund member in 2021.



I made an animation with Tadashi Komatsu, biologist. In this animation, small characters are describing environment problems that's occurred by goodwills of human beings. I expressed fun emotions in a funny and cute mood to mitigate a kind of 'hard' content.

I made an animation about the problem of neglecting pets. This issue is occurring all over the world and it's the same in Japan where I am.Many pets are abandoned or thrown away due to owner’s aging problem and economic circumstances. As a result, many pets are losing their lives or are causing ecosystem destruction. I hope many people to know about this problem for ecosystem conservation and for the lives of pets. That’s why I made this animation. I really like cats, so I focused details of motion and facial expressions.

Work History

2016 Asahi Shinbun Publishing Co., Ltd. "Work Museum" (JA)
2016 Shuwa System Co., Ltd. "Bullying was a Survival Strategy!? The Principle of the Mysterious Behavior of Living Things in Evolutionary Biology" (JA)
2019 Courier International's Article (FR)
2019 Forest Publishing Co., Ltd. "Society Evolves with Human Emotions" (JA)
2019 iOS Escape Game App "Sketch" (JA)
2020  "Voca-Bang", Cards Game for Learning English (JA)
2020 Seibu Lions's Building Mural Production Cooperation (JA)

2020 RISEX's SNS Bullying Awareness Cartoons(JA)

【Product Design】
2018- Designing Toys for Children at BANDAI NAMCO HD (JA)


2018 Tokushima Environmental Manga Contest Encouragement Award
2018 Kodansha Publishing Co., Ltd. "Morning"  Award
2019 Shogakukan Publishing Co., Ltd. "Spirits" Award

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